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Australia Permanent Resident Visa benefits

  1. Earn in dollars.
  2. Healthcare & retirement benefits.
  3. Live, work and study in any Australian state.
  4. Sponsor your relatives to join you in Australia.
  5. Australian passport allows you to travel visa free to a number of countries
  6. Permanent residents enjoy many rights and privileges just like an Australian citizens, including access to free or subsidized legal and health services.
  7. Australian PR status provides you right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas
  8. It also provides you right to travel, live, work and study in New Zealand, after the approval of New Zealand government.

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What you need for Australia Migration?

  1. Live and work in Australia indefinitely as Permanent Resident
  2. You are allowed to leave and enter Australia frequently within the initial period of five years after that it can be renewed, if you meet the criteria.
  3. Access the Medicare health care scheme
  4. Pursue basic and advanced education
  5. Apply for Australian Citizenship after 4 years
  6. Automatic citizenship to children born in Australia
  7. Enormous job opportunities
  8. High economic and professional growth
  9. Sponsor eligible relatives

Why you should settle in Australia?

Fair Selection System
Growing Job Opportunties
Average Salary($5000 - $15000)
Best companies, universities & societies
Welcomes Nationals of Every Country
Enjoy Dual Citizenship

What is Australia Permanent Resident Visa?

An Australian Permanent Resident Visa is card/document which proves that you are living in Australia legally as a permanent residence on the government permission. A PR also provides you living and working benefits like other citizens of Australia. Some benefits may differ according to the type of visa you are applying for, you can include your family member(s) in your PR application.

As the Australia PR system works on point system, to get the Australian PR through skilled migration you should score enough points in the assessment grid, where a candidate has to score minimum 60 points comprises of its age, qualification, work experience, adaptability etc.

Points Test (only for subclass 189, 190 and 489)

The Australian Immigration Authorities have a clear and concise method of weighing your credentials while granting you Australia Permanent Residency Visa. The factors on which you are assigned points are:

  • Age: You should be below 50 years of age to get Australian PR.
  • Skills: Your skills, are your greatest markers for PR visa application. Every year, the Immigration and Border Protection Department of Australia releases updated list of skill sets, that are highly rated in Australia or in any region of Australia.

If the skills, you have nominated are in the regional or Australian highly rated skills list, you are more likely to get invitation for visa application and approval thereof for permanent residency in Australia.

  • English language proficiency: You must take an English language proficiency test. And the score of the same must be enclosed with your visa application for permanent residency for Australia.
  • Academic qualification: Your academic qualification (accredited in Australia or overseas) count to the points test.
  • Profession: Your occupation too is given scores in points test.

The points test, decides what advantages you bring to Australia if you work and live here as an Australia PR holder.

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FAQs for Australia Migration

How to get PR in Australia without IELTS?
IELTS is required to prove your language proficiency i.e. English if you are not able to give IELTS exam then you may opt for other English language test like PTE, TOEFL etc. If you don’t want to prove English proficiency then state nomination is required.
IELTS score for permanent residency in Australia
The IELTS score can be minimum but it will decrease your total score as it is counted as a credential.If your score is below IELTS 7 then your total score will be less to qualify for Australia PR. However, the IELTS requirement may differ in your case, you need to talk to our experts for more information.
How much PTE score required for Australia?
Pearson Test of English (PTE) is the alternate English proficiency test which is accepted by the Australia government for permanent residency. It can be used as a proof of language proficiency. You can check the PTE and other language required score from here.

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