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Academic Counselling Know Your Academic Options.

“What am I really going to do? Are my subjects appropriate? What If I don’t make it, do I have any other option?” A train of such questions pop in a student’s mind when it comes to choosing an attainable academic goal.

That is the point where UMacx Edge can help! UMacx Edge assists students to choose academic path that is suited to their capabilities.

We help student understand academic opportunities that are available so that he/she can take a well informed decision about the overseas study option.

Critical self-analysis and insightful research on the best possible options available are quintessential for arriving at the correct academic option for an individual. Because each person is different, UMacx Edge’s personalized approach and process provides a unique path for each student. Umacx Edge believes in playing a pivotal role in helping students pursue what they are truly passionate about. We strive and assure to provide best academic counseling services.

We take detailed student assessment when a student joins to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. and then a mock test after 15 days. Once the student gets a satisfactory result, we encourage him/her to book the test.

We help them book the test and continuously take mock tests to help students keep up with the IELTS format and time limitations in the real test.

We have a trainer from England who has more than 6 years of teaching experience training Indian students for English Exams. We teach and practice from Cambridge Material provided by the British Council. All the study material is included in the course fee. Class timings are very flexible: Starting at 9:30 am till 6:00 pm. Weekend classes available upon request.

Come and Feel the difference!

UMacx Edge provides opportunities for overseas education. Our goal is to help out students with admissions into the appropriate accredited university of their choice.
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